Are you pregnant and have ever wondered about botox injections near me? The level of safety of getting Botox while nursing is a largey undertsudied concept and the brand neither support nor advises against it. In this article, we will talk about getting Botox while pregnant and what the potential effects of that are.

Botox Pregnancy

When it comes to giving your baby the ideal balance of nutrition and protection, breastfeeding is unrivaled. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusively breastfeeding for at least six months so that both you and your baby can benefit from the many advantages. Women who breastfeed exhibit stronger attachment to their infants and have much lower rates of breast and ovarian cancer, according to studies. 

Use of Botox

Since 1989, the FDA has approved a number of uses for botox in the United States.

Some of these uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Forehead lines
  • Chronic muscular spasm from migraines
  • Hyperactive bladder and excessive perspiration

Botox prevents muscular contractions in order to work. In particular, the toxin prevents the release of the acetylcholine contraction signal, keeping the muscle in a relaxed state. 

In 2020, despite COVID-19 restrictions, 4.4 million Botox procedures were carried out in 2020, making it one of the most popular cosmetic surgery in the country. Many postparden moms are drawn to it becuase of the long-lasting effects and its ability to alter one’s appearance.

Botox Side Effects 

There can be different side effects depending on where the medicine is injected.

Most commonly reported are droppy or puffy eyelids and headaches. Botox and Botox Cosmeritc both contain a warning about the “risk of distant spread of toxin effect.” They warn that side effects caused by Botox can potentially spread past the injection site and cause symptoms resembling those of another toxin, including fatalities or trouble breathing or swallowing. People with underlying health conditions are more vulnerable to this. In addition, Botox urges agaisnt the use of medication while getting Botox because the effects can be made greater. 

However, there is no known mechanism that exists that suggests getting Botox would impact breastfeeding.

Recent studies and techniques for reducing exposure to your baby

48 hours after treatment, it is reccomended that women pump and discard the breatmilk that was created while receiving Botox. However, there is no data to prove this “pump and dump” method to be true. This approach does little to reduce alcohol found in breast milk, which depends on the blood alchohol content lowering over time.

For Botox, the same principle can be followed. Passive diffusion from the bloodstream into milk is the main mode of transfer, although there are other factors that can affect this as well, such as the drug’s molecular size and capacity to attach to proteins that chemicals that exist in breast milk use to bind to substances. What proportion of the Botox is then in the bloodstream? The factors mentioned indicate that there will be very little transfer since the molecule is simply too large. 

This theory is supported by a research conducted on animals, which found no proof that the Botox is absorbed past the site of local injection in either rats or rabbits . Although conclusive recommendations regarding the safety of injectables cannot yet be given, a review study indicated that there is little cause for alarm regarding any appreciable systemic Botox absorption. One case of a mother with botulism who breastfed her child without any issues throughout the course of her sickness has also been documented . 


In conclusion, it’s doubtful that Botox would get into your milk or hurt a baby who was breastfed. There is no evidence to support the claim that delaying breast milk supply following injections by up to 48 hours lowers the infant’s already minimal risk.

Low dangers exist for a breastfed baby when a mother has Botox injections. The choice to undergo injections ultimately remains one that you and your medical team must discuss because there has been so little data on the safety of Botox while nursing. Your comfort level and need for or desire for Botox will play a role in that decision.

Best Botox and Filler Doctor Near Me

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