Platelet Rich Plasma or (PRP) therapy is a non-surgical option for both male and female clients looking to stimulate hair growth from common hair loss conditions. It is also frequently used to stimulate collagen and elastin production in order to help achieve a younger and more youthful appearance. PRP has also been shown to improve and diminish the appearance of scars including, but not limited to both acne and post surgical scars. PRP uses your body’s own concentrated platelets which act to stimulate cell growth and healing within the body.

PRP on the face, chest and body is performed in two steps. First the blood is drawn, then separated in to platelet rich plasma in a centrifuge. Microneedling is then used to create tiny microscopic columns in the skins surface to stimulate a healing response and the production of collagen and elastin. Platelet rich plasma is also applied to the treatment area to deliver nutrients and healing and again stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

A topical numbing solution can be applied to the skin prior to beginning treatment to help with slight discomfort the client may experience. Most clients describe the sensation of PRP as mild. Tylenol can be taken prior in anticipation of any discomfort.

PRP is a cumulative treatment. Typically 3-6 sessions are required depending on the skins condition. Results can be seen after just one treatment. Treatments are usually spaced 4 weeks apart and continued once per month until the recommended series is complete.

We recommend you avoid any anti-inflammatory medications or blood thinners for a week prior to treatment, as well as a week post treatment. We recommend you arrive to your appointment well hydrated and avoid the use of alcohol for 3 days before/after treatment. Avoid washing the treatment area 12 hours after treatment and avoid any restrictive clothes in the area for 12 hours. Post treatment your skin will be flushed and red. Some people experience a slight sensation of heat similar to sun burn. It is highly recommended you stay out of the sun until your skin is fully healed and that you wear SPF. If needed, immediately post treatment you can apply an ice pack to help reduce any swelling and sleep in a slightly elevated position.


35 min


30 min


40 min


40 min

Body (8×8 area)

60 min

PRP Injections Face, Body, Scar, Stretchmarks | Skin Deep NYC



  • Consultation : 45min
  • Virtual Consultation : 30min
  • Follow Up : 30min
  • Photography (Before / After) : 30min

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1 review for PRP Injections Face, Body, Scar, Stretchmarks | Skin Deep NYC

  1. Mariella

    PRP plasma therapy is the BEST1 It helps my skin glow so much, and I look 10 years younger. It was fast and simple, and I’ll definitely be going back in for more. thank you to everyone at skinndeep

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