Are you worried about developing wrinkles and losing the luster of your skin as you age? We’ll help you figure out how to prevent that. Contact us for best botox near me today. 

Wrinkles are natural lines that are formed over time due to facial expressions. Every time you squint, smile or narrow your eyebrows, your skin breaks down a little. As years pass by, this gradual disintegration causes wrinkles. Other factors that affect skin aging are lifestyle, sunlight and genetics.

The good news is with proper care and treatment, you can prevent these wrinkles. Let’s find out more.

When is the best time to prevent wrinkles?

Fine wrinkle lines begin small and are often unnoticeable. They become deeper and highly visible over a period of time.

The right time to prevent wrinkles is before they advance. Try a small exercise in front of a mirror. Raise your eyebrows and narrow them. Bring an exaggerated smile to your face. Do you see any lines forming? If yes, act now for the most effective results.

How to prevent wrinkles?

The best way to prevent wrinkles is Botox treatment. Botox is one of the well-known brands of wrinkle relaxers. It is a neurotoxin that smoothens and eliminates skin lines by restricting specific muscle movement.  

The best Botox doctors in NYC help to treat different types of lines on the face. These include forehead lines that appear when you raise your eyebrows, frown lines or the tiny vertical lines that show between the eyebrows, and crow’s feet, which are thin lines around the corner of the eyes that are visible when you smile or squirt. Apart from this, lines around the nose, chin, neck and eyebrows can also be treated.

Why Botox?

There are many reasons why you should trust Botox as a preventative method. Some of them are:

  • Muscle relaxation
    Botox targets the right facial muscle and relaxes them. It smoothens the skin creasing and slows the progression of wrinkles. It enhances skin structure without affecting your natural appearance.
  • Long-lasting
    It is observed that Botox reduces the number and thickness of lines over the long term. It gives long-lasting results that stay for around three to four months.
  • Safety
    Botox is a safe as well as convenient method. It is a non- or minimally invasive treatment. The procedure is quick and seamless. It is often painless except for a slight pinching sensation.
  • Quick results
    Botox begins to show its result within one to three days. In ten days, you may see its maximum effects. To prevent wrinkles at its best, take regular Botox treatments every three months. This ensures that facial movements promoting wrinkle growth are restricted.

How do Botox doctors work?

Medical spas in NYC can make you look younger and take years away from your appearance with their effective Botox treatments. Every face is unique. Botox experts work with individuals to understand their face’s anatomy and help them achieve their goals. They sit with you to learn about your skin routine and analyze your complexion. With their expertise and advanced technology, skin specialists guide you to determine the exact spots that require treatment. The best Botox treatments are the ones that are personalized for you.  

How to prepare for the procedure?

You should take a few precautions before getting Botox in NYC. Do not take any blood thinners like Aspirin or Advil 24 hours before the treatment. Avoid drinking alcohol, too. You may apply topical numbing cream 30 minutes before the procedure.

Once the treatment is done, you can go back to work or continue your routine. You may see minor bumps like mosquito bites around the treated area. Apply some ice for 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of them. After the treatment, do not lie down for the next four hours. Remember to avoid heavy exercise for at least 24 hours.

Botox is a popular treatment with minimum side effects. Most side effects go away within the initial 30 minutes. Some of the common symptoms include bruising, swelling and redness around the injection sites.

Where to find the best Botox doctors in NYC?

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