Microneedling is a cosmetic procedure that involves pricking the skin with very fine, sterilized needles. And while most people find it hard to believe that causing small wounds to the skin can be beneficial, the truth is, microneedling has many great benefits for the skin. These small wounds allow your body to produce more collagen and elastin, which improves your skin tone, reduces acne scars, and best of all–reverses aging. What’s not to love about improving the look and health of your skin? There’s a reason why microneedling has become one of the most popular minimally invasive procedures, as it has a plethora of natural healing powers to improve the look, feel, and overall health of your skin. But beyond these amazing benefits, it doesn’t just stop there. In this blog, we will go more in depth about the minimally invasive beauty treatment that has definitely made its mark in the cosmetic beauty industry.

Boosts collagen production

Microneedling, otherwise known as collagen induction therapy, stimulates collagen. Collagen is a protein that maintains your skin’s strength and resilience. As you get older, the amount of collagen that your body produces decreases, which causes fine lines and wrinkles. 

The great thing about microneedling is the fact that it creates microtears in the skin’s surface, which triggers the self-healing process in your skin. And as a result, boosts collagen production.

Smooths out fine lines and wrinkles

When the production of collagen increases, it helps to restore your skin’s elasticity and strength and results in your skin becoming more firm, plump, and smooth. When your skin becomes more firm and plump, it causes the fine lines and wrinkles to smooth out as well, making them less visible.

Enhances skin tone

Hyperpigmentation is a common problem for many people, which causes sun spots on your face and body. That is why sunscreen is so important because too much sun exposure is never good for your skin. Spending too much time in the sun accelerates hyperpigmentation, causing pesky sun spots on your face that causes an uneven complexion in your skin. Microneedling is a helpful procedure that improves collagen production, leading to a more even and balanced skin tone.

Improves scarring

As an adult, your acne may be gone but that doesn’t mean your acne scars left with it. Acne scars can lead to a long-lasting impact on your skin, which can lower your self-esteem and self-confidence. If you suffer from acne scars, it is a good idea to look into microneedling, as it can help to stimulate your skin’s healing process, minimizing scars left from your acne. Microneedling can improve the overall look and texture of your skin, providing a smoother look and feel. 

Additionally, microneedling can be helpful for improving stretch marks or scars from surgery, trauma, etc.

Helps with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a regenerative form of medicine that contains a concentration of a patient’s own platelets that accelerate healing properties. Depending on your goals when receiving microneedling, your aesthetic nurse or doctor may recommend adding PRP to your treatment in order to accelerate the healing process. The PRP is extracted from your own blood and is applied to your face prior to the microneedling procedure. The tiny, fine needles used to prick your face allows the PRP to enter the surface skin, maximizing your results.

Ideal Candidate For Microneedling

If you have any of the following skin concerns, you may be an ideal candidate for microneedling. However, it is best to consult with our team of experts at Skin Deep NYC to learn if microneedling is right for you. Here are some examples of conditions that microneedling can improve:

  • Scars
  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Stretch marks
  • And more

To learn if you are a candidate for microneedling, feel free to reach out to our team of experts at Skin Deep NYC!

Interested in Microneedling?

If you are interested in improving the overall look, feel, and health of your skin, then it is a good idea to consider microneedling. Microneedling has a number of incredible benefits that many patients wish to see in their skin. Whether you have fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (sun spots), acne scars, scars from surgery or trauma, stretchmarks, or any other issues with your skin, contact our team at Skin Deep NYC to learn how we can help.

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