Injectables are all a bit different. Let us help you navigate the world of Botox, Dermal Fillers, and more.

  • Botox – best for marionette lines
  • Juvederm – a family of injectables that serves different purposes
  • Kenalog – for receding Hair lines
  • adjust the above and add more examples here

Botox is most commonly the staple injectable for any good local NYC med spa that offers injections. When researching med spas that appear strong for injectables, there are a few factors you can review to give you an idea of how they might compare to other local New York beauty spa competitors.

Here are some things to consider – look to see if they have registered nurses / estheticians, are backed by a Medical Director, and provide Botox, even if you are not interested in it right now.

Med Spa’s like Skin Deep NYC of Midtown offer Botox. The reason this is important even if you are not getting it this time, is because it establishes professionalism and modern practice standards.

A Med Spa that only offers a filler, or particular type of injectable, might not be a complete enough practice to trust for your extended injectable treatments.