Laser hair removal is one of the most important treatment services a local med spa can offer. Laser can treat wide variety of areas of hair throughout the body. Depending on your hair, skin, and situation, we will recommend a treatment that best aligns with your expected results. Visit or call us for a free consultation on laser hair removal now!

  • Using the Alma’s SHR Laser System
  • Can safely be used to treat all skin types, even recent sun exposure
  • Multiple treatments can achieve up to 95% hair reduction
  • SHR works by heating the dermis in the treated area to a point which damages the hair follicle.
  • Damaged follicles mean less and eventually no hair production… never own a Razor again!

Laser hair treatment can result in permanent hair removal with enough sessions & the right type of laser hair reduction technology. Using our XL Harmony laser at Skin Deep NY me spa, we’ve permanently removed most patients hair within a dozen or less sessions.

Some more details here about Laser Hair removal average times based on type of expected results. A summary of what to expect in terms of time.

Some more Laser hair removal care after treatment notes: Avoid the sun. Heat can be an irritant. Engaging in activities and physical behaviors that may cause friction or contact are not recommended until the area has some time to heal.