If you haven’t dived into the trend of microblading your eyebrows, get ready for the best self-care treatment yet! Once you see the amazing brows you can achieve through microblading, there’s no turning back. If you’re like us, and have neglected your eyebrows, or plucked them to a thin line, microblading is the perfect choice for you! 

It’s a semi-permanent solution to achieving lush, full-looking natural brows. It’s a stress-free solution that will allow you to not worry about doing your brows every day, and wake up ready to go. Microblading prevents you from creating unflattering or varying eyebrow shapes, maintaining a perfect shape day in and day out.


What exactly is microblading? 

Microblading is creating a seamless, natural eyebrow shape, built on symmetry. It is unique to each face and is crafted to flatter your face and eye shape. Microblading has the ability to achieve extreme precision, this is due to the tool that is shaped like the tip of a pen and a sloped blade. The end of this blade has more than 10-12 blades on the end, so it doesn’t penetrate the skin, but scratches very gently at the surface. This needle effectively embeds a medical-level brow-colored pigment on the top layer of the skin. This creates very natural-looking individual hair strokes that look realistic. 

What’s the difference between cosmetic tattooing and microblading?

The main difference between tattooing and microblading is that microblading stays on the top epidermis layer of the skin, whereas tattooing goes into deeper layers of the skin. This means that microblading is semi-permanent, lasting about 18 months, not a permanent treatment.  

The individual hair strokes achieved from the microblading needle are much more realistic and finer than anything a tattoo gun could achieve. The handheld blade/needle offers more control, and since it’s not an electrical tool, it will not penetrate as deeply, or create that annoying ‘buzz’ of a tattoo gun.  

What are the differences between microshading and microblading?

Even though the names are deceptively similar, these two treatments are actually quite different. While both forms are indeed semi-permanent makeup for your eyebrows, there are some differences that set them apart. Microblading offers a very detailed, individual hair look, while microshading is softer, and more filled in. For makeup users, you can think of this as using a pencil on your brows as compared to using a powder to fill in. 

Microblading gives you the defined finish, microshading uses small dots, if you like something more filled in, and soft, creating a less detailed look, micro shading would be the way to go. If you live in a happy medium between these two differing looks, do not fear, may microblading technicians combine the two, and gives you a very realistic finish. 

Is it possible to have allergic reactions to microblading?

As always, everyone’s body reacts differently to foreign materials and pigments, but for the most part, it is extremely rare. Your technician will do a test treatment on a smaller patch of skin to ensure that you will not have an adverse reaction.  

What can I expect going to get my eyebrows microbladed for the first time? 

  1. Your technician begins the microblading process by shaping and cleaning up your natural brows and then preparing the skin for treatment. 
  2. Your technician will then numb your brows to ensure the treatment has as little discomfort as possible. This takes roughly 40 minutes, so this time is the perfect opportunity to discuss accurate color swatches.   
  3. In the last 10 minutes or so of the numbing process, the technician will begin measuring the brow area in relation to your features and face shape.  
  4. This is when the needling process begins, the technician will start using the tool to implant the pigment very gently with light strokes. These first strokes are used seen as superficial until the pigment gradually seeps into the skin. This is also the time when we apply more numbing cream if there is any discomfort.  
  5. The final step in this process is to add the last layer of pigment that will remain on for 5 minutes. Once the area is cleaned, we’re done, and you’re ready to show off your picture-perfect brows. 
  6. If necessary, we can follow up with a touch-up session in about 8 weeks for any areas that didn’t fully take the pigment, or healed improperly. 

What is the purpose of a touch-up session? 

A touchup session will typically take place in the 6-8 weeks following your microblade treatment and is necessary to ensure that any imperfections after the first session are fixed, or the pigment is darkened if necessary. This allows all healing to be done before fixing anything necessary, giving you the best brows possible for the longest amount of time. 

What is to be expected in the time between the first session and the touch-up? 

It is important to avoid scratching or picking at your brows while they are in the healing process. Your microblading technician will provide you with a specific set of aftercare instructions, and it is important for you to follow these for the best healing. There might be irritation during the healing process, similar to a healing tattoo, but it is to be expected, and will gradually lessen as your brows and skin heal. 

It is also to be expected that in the first week and a half or so your eyebrows might flake or fade, but it’s just part of the healing process, and nothing to be concerned about. The final shape and color will be fully set by the end of the first month, and if they don’t look the way you want at this time, that’s when the touch-up session comes into place. 

Is it necessary to bring examples if you’re not sure what shape you want?

Our clients are always welcome to bring photos showing examples of the shape they have in mind, or the makeup they typically wear to make it what you’re envisioning. However, your technician will use their expertise and tools to measure and choose the perfect shape and color for your face. 

The right color speaks volumes 

Oftentimes, clients will be wary of the colors we choose and want to go darker, however, we find that a more natural look is always the way to go, and if they’re still too light, this is addressed in touchup. 

A tool our technicians use is the Fitzpatrick Chart, which allows you to compare eye, hair, and skin color to find the perfect match inn color. We also take into account changing skin tones with sun exposure. 


Don’t discount the perfect shape 

The perfect shape comes from science! We measure your eyebrows with a ruler specially made for microblading, which allows for the perfect shape for each person. We take the mix of your measurement, and your face shape to achieve the final look. 

How long will this last?

You can expect your microblading treatment to last for a year to a year and a half, but everyone is different and this ultimately depends on your skin type. 

An example of this is that people with more oily skin will tend to hold the microblade look for one year, while people with less oily normal skin will last for around a year and a half.  

Brows will need to be touched up by your technician every 18 months or so if you want them to maintain their fresh, lasting look. The lovely thing about this is that microblading leaves no discoloration, scarring, or damage from the process or pigments.